BRYNHILD BYE-TILLER (b. 1968) is a
visual artist & A PHOTOGRAPHER
based in NORWAY 


Brynhild works with documentary photography and participatory art. Her artistic practice EXPANDED PHOTOGRAPHY is a platform for several productions which explores the tension between a broad documentary activity and participatory methodologies. The practice is discussing the challenges and possibilities between photography and different forms of public participation. The practice alternates deliberately between a traditional narrative approach and socially engaged art, blurring the lines between art and documentary. Developing the documentary work with focus on gender and social issues  in cooperation with the world. Operating in the intersection between photography as narration, photography as representation, photography as a tool of participation and photography as activism. 

Brynhild started as a professional artist in the 90's and has completed several large projects and exhibitions since then, both national and international. She has received numerous grants and scholarships after her education at the Art Academy in Trondheim, Norway and the Icelandic Art Academy in Reykjavik, Iceland.

She has worked as a producer for Art in Nordland - Artistic Interruptions and Artscape Nordland in Nordland County. She has been the Chairman of the Artist Union in Trøndelag, Norway and has a political involvement on behalf of Art and Artists in today’s society. She worked extensively with development of the artist-run institution (TSSK) in Trondheim and the regional exhibition Trøndelagsutstillingen. She was engaged in starting the Art festival Trondheim Open in the city of Trondheim and the Art project LevArt in Levanger municipality. She is currently the founder and Chairman of the Non-Profit Organization BEAT FFKK that supports female artists. 

Brynhild has published four books: "Icelandic Encounter" (2015) an artistic photographic book with 63 portraits from encounters with Icelandic people in the period between 1989 until 2015, "ON/OFF STAGE" (2014) Behind-The-Scenes of Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival, "Documenting while Caring" (2012) capturing the story of her mother's battle against brain tumor and "Invisible - Visible" (2010-2011) documenting the educational work being done in a Norwegian kindergarten in Flatanger.




Brynhild Bye-Tiller

Mobile: (+47) 480 38 974