BRYNHILD BYE-TILLER (b. 1968) is a
visual artist & PHOTOGRAPHER
based in NORWAY 


BRYNHILD BYE-TILLER (born in Levanger, Norway 1968) is a visual artist and a photographer based in Trondheim, Norway. She works with camera-based art, participatory art, public art, ephemeral art, activism and site specific art.

Her photographic work is dedicated to documenting issues like gender, social justice, migration, racism and humanitarian affairs. She is operating in the intersection between photography as narration, photography as representation, photography as a tool of participation and photography as activism. She has a collaborative approach to her art projects and she collaborates with public institutions, organizations, associations, volunteers, individuals, groups, artists and other professionals.

She has published five photo books: “100 metres” (2018) from her latest art project, "Icelandic Encounter" (2015) an artistic photographic book with 63 portraits from encounters with Icelandic people in the period between 1989 until 2015, "ON/OFF STAGE" (2014) Behind-The-Scenes of Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival, "Documenting while Caring" (2012) capturing the story of her mother's battle against brain tumor and "Invisible - Visible" (2010-2011) documenting the educational work being done in a Norwegian kindergarten in Flatanger.




Brynhild Bye-Tiller

Mobile: (+47) 480 38 974